London Assembly responds to 3,300 homeless this winter in London


Responding to the new figures published today by the Combined Homelessness and Information Network, which shows more than 3,300 people in London had to spend the winter months

rough sleeping, Murad Qureshi AM, Chair of the London Assembly Housing Committee, said:


“It is horrendous to think of so many people sleeping on London’s streets this winter. Not only does the new strain of COVID-19 pose an increased threat to the health of Londoners but on some nights temperatures dropped well below zero. Some of the most vulnerable people will have spent the winter months without warmth and safety. 


“People are struggling against the stress of this pandemic for reasons like difficult family life, domestic abuse and losing work. Data shows that rough sleepers aged 25 and under rose between October and December compared to July to September. I want to see more specialist support for all vulnerable groups.


“There are success stories in helping those on the streets, but the stats released today pinpoint how much more there is to do. It is time for the Government to commit to long-term funding for homelessness programmes and for the Mayor’s strategy to respond with a five-point-plan to reach rough sleepers who are LGBT, young people or escaping domestic abuse. Shelter is a basic human need and no Londoner should be left without it.”

Photo by MatthiasKabel, Wikimedia commons. 

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