Evacuation mission from Sudan concludes as last UK flight departs amid unstable ceasefire


The UK has concluded its evacuation mission from Sudan as the last flight departed from Wadi Saeedna airfield near Khartoum on Saturday. The Foreign,

Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) confirmed that the UK government is no longer running evacuation flights from the airfield. The evacuation mission has been deemed a success, with 1,888 people, mostly British nationals and their dependents, evacuated from Sudan.

However, there may still be thousands of British citizens remaining in the country. Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell acknowledged the success of the operation, but stressed that the UK cannot stay in Sudan indefinitely, particularly given the dangerous circumstances.

The latest evacuation comes as fighting broke out again in Khartoum, despite an armistice agreement between the country's two warring generals being brokered on Friday. Foreign Secretary James Cleverly urged for a long-term ceasefire and a stable transition to civilian rule in Sudan. Photo by Hind Mekki El Mardi, Wikimedia commons.

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