The Royal Family's turmoil unveiled in Omid Scobie's Book, 'Endgame'


Amid heightened controversy, Omid Scobie's new book, 'Endgame,' is anticipated to stoke existing claims of discord between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Prince and Princess of


Released on Tuesday, the book pledges to "reveal the inner workings of a tumultuous institution," singling out King Charles III as an "unpopular monarch" and Prince William as an "ambitious heir to the throne."

Both Buckingham and Kensington Palaces have opted not to comment on the contents of the book.

Renowned for his proximity to the duchess, Scobie clarified that he did not personally interview Meghan for the book, asserting that "the Sussexes have no involvement" in its publication.

Representatives of the duke and duchess have chosen not to address the book's assertions regarding palace intrigue and briefings, claims which Scobie mentioned in an ABC interview as causing "irreparable damage" to the relationship between Princes Harry and William.

Contrary to expectations of further scandal akin to Prince Harry's explosive memoir, Spare, early reports from the New York Times suggest that gossip enthusiasts might find themselves "disappointed" by the book.

While not explicitly naming individuals, 'Endgame' revisits the 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview's allegations about discussions within the Royal Family regarding the skin color of Meghan and Prince Harry's child.

Although 'Endgame' refrains from identifying specific individuals involved, Scobie stated in interviews that the persons in question were mentioned in correspondence between Meghan and the King.

Unlike 'Spare,' which drew from Scobie's personal experiences, 'Endgame' relies on "sources" for its content.

The book delves into criticism of Catherine, the Princess of Wales, highlighting her limited involvement in significant projects despite her appearances in photo opportunities and discomfort with certain public engagements.

It also explores palace rivalries, jealousies, and their complicated relationship with tabloid media.

Moreover, it paints a picture of a monarchy grappling with outdated notions of race, class, and wealth, with the younger generation displaying diminishing sympathy toward the institution.

At a time when 59% of people in recent YouGov polling view the King favorably, with praise for his recent philanthropic gestures, the release of 'Endgame' could be deemed ill-timed, revisiting past disputes amid indications of improving relations between Prince Harry and the royal family.

Rather than exacerbating tensions, the prevailing mood appears to favor reconciliation over estrangement in the ongoing royal saga. Photo by Web Summit, Wikimedia commons.

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