British submariners in hot water over lockdown party


A British Royal Navy submarine commander has been put on leave after ignoring social distancing rules and throwing a party for his crew on their arrival back home, media reports said on

Friday (April 24).

Footage on social media showed two DJs playing dance music to the crew of the HMS Trenchant, who were sitting at tables eating a barbecued meal after the vessel docked for repairs at its base near Plymouth, south-west England, following three months at sea.

The gathering went against government social distancing rules, introduced to try to slow the spread of coronavirus which has left more than 18,000 people dead in Britain alone.

"An investigation is under way. It would be inappropriate to comment further," said a Royal Navy spokesman.

The BBC reported that the captain of the nuclear-powered submarine had been sent home on leave following the party, which he had been advised was against the rules.AFP, photo by AFP.

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