easyJet Flight to London Gatwick cancelled after toilet floor incident leaves passengers stranded in Tenerife


Outraged passengers were left stranded in Tenerife last night after easyJet cancelled a delayed flight to London Gatwick because a customer 'defecated on the toilet floor.'

Footage shared online and to MailOnline show pieces of toilet paper littering the aeroplane's walkway, while another captures the pilot explaining that the flight has been cancelled.

The clip begins during his speech, with the pilot saying: 'rather entertaining to defecate the front toilet so we're now staying the night here, we're now going to get everyone off... and organise hotels then we'll fly back tomorrow morning.'

Flight EZY8054, which was scheduled to depart on Sunday at 20.05 and arrive in the British capital at 00.20, had already been delayed several hours before it was eventually cancelled.

Passengers are now expected to board flight 9954 to London at 3pm today - after easyJet admitted it was 'unable to find hotel rooms in the area', forcing customers to sort out their own last-minute accommodation for the night.

Speaking to FEMAIL, one passenger, who didn't want to be named, explained how the flight went from bad to worse, with customers firstly moved from one aeroplane to another.

The second aeroplane was said to be smaller 'so it was absolute chaos', according to the passenger, who explained how people were offered £500 vouchers if they volunteered to leave the flight.

'No one took it,' said the passenger. 'So then they had to remove ten people from the plane, which caused lots of arguing, and that literally took two hours.

'But then once they got those ten people off, the plane was heavy because we were at full capacity. So then they were randomly putting our luggage on other people's flights to Gatwick, and that took hours again.'

People then started to notice the toilet situation, with the passenger saying the 'whole incident was handled really poorly, because it could have genuinely been an accident.

'Following the cancellation, easyJet also admitted that it was 'unable to find hotel rooms in the area'. A statement on the company's website regarding the flight tracking information said: 'Due to extremely high demand, unfortunately we're unable to find hotel rooms in the area.

'If you need a hotel room and are able to make your own arrangements, we'll refund the cost of a reasonably priced room, meals, and travel costs to and from your hotel.

'In this case, we ask that you look for accommodation which is about three stars or equivalent.'

After revealing the new flight details, easyJet added: 'Once again, we're very sorry for the disruption to your travel plans.'

However, it wasn't enough to satisfy the outraged customers who had apparently been left on the flight with 'zero communication' before it was cancelled.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), one person wrote: 'Real good of @easyJet to delay the flight 3.5 hours with 0 communication then decide to cancel it altogether because someone took a s*** on the toilet floor. Quite literally couldn’t make this s*** up.' Photo by ERIC SALARD, Wikimedia commons. 

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