Prince Christian of Denmark celebrates his 18th birthday amongst European royalty and youth


Prince Christian of Denmark, the second in line to the Danish throne, is turning 18. To celebrate, a gala dinner is planned with around 200 young people of his generation from across the

country, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands. This diverse guest list reflects a more inclusive approach to presenting the prince to society. Some guests also include members of other European royal families.

Prince Christian is now entering adulthood and, like other European princes and princesses, faces the challenge of becoming known among his fellow citizens. A documentary, "Prince Christian — A Royal Journey," featuring the young prince and his father, Crown Prince Frederik, is set to be released. It follows their journey through the Danish Parliament and conversations with various institutions, giving insights into his future role.

As Prince Christian turns 18, he will need to establish a presence at official events and take on more responsibilities within his functions. While Queen Margrethe II shows no desire to abdicate, Prince Christian's respect for the Constitution will be formalized in November. If something were to happen to Prince Frederik, Christian would take on a more prominent role.

Christian is currently continuing his studies at a public school in Copenhagen and will not make use of the royal stipend he is entitled to until he turns 21 or in the event of a change of throne, if it occurs earlier. His participation in official events will depend on his educational program. The gala dinner celebrating his 18th birthday will be attended by several members of other European royal families.

Despite recent family disputes and changes, Prince Christian is focused on his studies and his royal role. Guests at the gala dinner are encouraged to dress in formal attire and wear tiaras, although gifts are discouraged. Photo by Søren Rasmussen, Wikimedia commons.

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