Foreign Royals attending King Charles III's Coronation: a comprehensive list


Foreign Royals to Attend King Charles III’s Coronation, Including King and Queen of Spain, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, and Others.

The guest list for King Charles III’s upcoming coronation includes numerous foreign royals, from the King and Queen of Spain to Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, as well as representatives from nine European monarchies, the royal families of Bhutan, Jordan, Tonga, and Thailand, and the Māori king of New Zealand. King Charles has broken with tradition by inviting crowned royals to the ceremony, which has traditionally been an intimate exchange between the monarch and their people in the presence of God.

More than 2,200 people are expected to attend the ceremony, including members of the British Royal Family, world leaders, politicians, and charity champions, but not all members of the aristocracy will be invited. Photo by Northern Ireland Office, Wikimedia commons.

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