Three individuals apprehended by Greater Manchester police on terrorism charges


Three men, aged 35, 36, and 51, have been arrested by Greater Manchester Police on suspicion of commission, preparation, and instigation of acts of terrorism.

The arrests were made at three separate locations, and the individuals have been taken into custody for questioning. Concurrently, police executed four search warrants around 7:30 pm in the areas of Bolton, Great Lever, Abram, and Hindley. Officers remain present at these locations as investigations continue under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Despite the significant police activity, authorities assert that there is currently no broader threat to public safety. Measures have been implemented to minimize disruption to local residents.

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts, responsible for counter-terrorism policing in the northwest, emphasized that today's operations were the result of meticulous planning. He assured the public that while such arrests can cause apprehension, there is no perceived wider threat associated with the ongoing investigation.

Potts reiterated that further details will be disclosed as the investigation unfolds, providing reassurance to the community amid heightened concerns. Photo by Terry from uk, Wikimedia commons.

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