Exciting News: James Middleton's wife Alizée Thevenet expecting their first Child!


James Middleton, the brother of Princess Kate, has announced that his wife Alizée Thevenet is pregnant with their first child. The 36-year-old entrepreneur shared a heartwarming picture of

Alizée's growing baby bump on Instagram. In the photo, Alizée, a 33-year-old French financier, is wearing an olive green dress, accompanied by their dog Mable, in a beautiful countryside setting.

Expressing his excitement, James wrote, "We couldn't be more excited... well, Mable might be." He also mentioned the difficult start to the year due to the loss of his beloved dog, Ella. However, he shared his joy in ending the year with the most precious addition to their growing family.

The upcoming baby will be a first cousin to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Moreover, the child will be a niece or nephew of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Kate, who has expressed her desire to become an aunt again, will undoubtedly welcome the news.

James and Kate's sister, Pippa, already have three children with her husband James Matthews - Arthur, Grace, and Rose. Therefore, the new arrival will be the seventh grandchild for Carole and Michael Middleton.

James and Alizée first met in 2014 when James' dog Ella took an immediate liking to her at Chelsea's The South Kensington Club. James approached Alizée to apologize and retrieve Ella, which led to a conversation. He previously credited Ella for helping him overcome his mental health struggles and ultimately introducing him to his wife.

This news brings joy and anticipation to the Middleton family as they look forward to welcoming the newest member into their lives. Photo by POOL//GETTY IMAGES.

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