Keir Starmer commends Jewish Labour Movement for upholding values and combating antisemitism in party


Keir Starmer expressed gratitude to the members at the Jewish Labour Movement conference, acknowledging their role in addressing antisemitism and contributing to the party's success.

Starmer pledged a continued commitment to preventing antisemitism within the Labour party and emphasized the importance of social cohesion. The event featured Starmer alongside former Labour MP Luciana Berger, who will lead a mental health strategy review for the party. Starmer also addressed concerns within the Jewish community related to recent events and assured safety for its members and future generations. He thanked the community for their support and emphasized the ongoing work needed to build trust.

Additionally, Starmer discussed Labour's role in promoting social cohesion and unity, recognizing the challenges faced by different communities.

He highlighted the need for a politics of the common good and expressed the party's commitment to working toward a two-state solution. Starmer concluded by stating that the upcoming general election is not guaranteed, urging vigilance and focus from the party and its members. Photo by Rwendland, Wikimedia commons.

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