A woman's frustration: police inaction despite identified burglar


A woman named Sarah Goode from Blackburn expressed her disappointment with the police after identifying a burglar through CCTV footage. Despite providing this information to the

authorities, they allegedly refused to question the individual she identified.

Ms. Goode's home was burgled while she slept, and despite identifying a suspect from CCTV footage, Lancashire Police reportedly failed to take action. Sarah's attempts to alert the police about the suspicious individual observed in the CCTV were met with inaction, as they declined to question the identified person or retrieve the remaining CCTV footage.

The BBC Panorama's investigation uncovered additional CCTV footage that the police had not collected, further showing the offender entering and exiting Ms. Goode's residence. Despite her efforts and the available evidence, including the footage, Lancashire Police allegedly closed the case without pursuing appropriate investigative measures.

The police watchdog's remarks about the inadequacy of basic procedures and the increase in inexperienced officers have raised concerns about declining public confidence in law enforcement. With a significant portion of new recruits lacking extensive experience, the ability to effectively handle cases has been called into question.

Notably, the rising complexity and severity of crimes, along with population growth, have intensified the challenges faced by law enforcement. These factors have contributed to the need for a substantially increased number of officers to effectively address the escalating demand.

While acknowledging the commendable efforts of police officers, the Home Office spokesperson emphasized the ongoing commitment to improving crime resolution rates and enhancing public trust in law enforcement. Photo by Intel Free Press, Wikimedia commons.

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