Anastasia: a timeless Greek name set to soar in UK baby naming trends for 2024


A classical Greek name, Anastasia, with roots steeped in early Christianity, is poised to claim a spot among the top 10 most favored baby names in the UK for 2024, as reported by the

Daily Mirror.

Anastasia, meaning 'resurrection,' originates from the masculine Greek name Anastasios and holds a strong connection to Easter, making it a fitting choice for babies born around this festive time.

This venerable name traces its beginnings to the early days of Christianity, frequently bestowed upon Greek girls born close to Easter. It represents the female form of the male name Anastasios (Greek: Ἀναστάσιος) and signifies 'she/he of the resurrection.'

Notably, Anastasia is associated with several early saints, including Anastasios of Persia, a former Zoroastrian soldier in the Sasanian army who later embraced Christianity and was martyred in 628. Celebrated in the Greek Orthodox tradition on January 22, Anastasios played a significant role in capturing the True Cross in Jerusalem during his military tenure.

His profound encounter with Christianity led to a transformative spiritual journey, ultimately embracing monastic life at the Saint Savvas monastery in Jerusalem. Renamed Anastasios in honor of Christ's resurrection, he later sought martyrdom in Caesarea, where he stood steadfast in his faith despite severe torture, eventually meeting his end on January 22, 628.

While Anastasios and Anastasia predominantly celebrate their name day during Easter, other notable saints bearing this name include Anastasia of Sirmium, a revered figure from the 3rd century commemorated during the Christmas Dawn Mass in the traditional Catholic calendar and on December 22 in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Anastasia remains a widely cherished name for girls, especially across Europe, owing to its deep Christian associations. In Russia, it held the top spot for girls' names until 2008, subsequently making its mark among the top ten names in countries like Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia, and Montenegro.

The name also carries historical significance, notably associated with Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the final sovereign of Imperial Russia. This historical figure's tale inspired the renowned Disney film of the same name. Additionally, pop icon Anastacia, known for her hit 'I'm Outta Love,' further popularized the name in contemporary culture. Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras from Palma de Mallorca, España, Wikimedia commons.

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