Seaside town with vibrant reputation named UK's friendliest destination


In a surprising turn of events, a town often unfairly characterized as bleak and tacky has emerged as the UK's friendliest destination, surpassing the likes of Brighton and York to claim the

top spot.

This revelation stems from a study conducted by London North Eastern Railway (LNER), leveraging data compiled by the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS). Motivated by a decline in families opting for overseas vacations in favor of staycations, LNER sought to explore destinations with the most welcoming atmospheres, aiming to encourage sustainable travel.

Combining ONS data with insights from TripAdvisor, LNER assessed the overall hospitality of various destinations, factoring in population size to generate a final ranking score out of 100.

Blackpool emerged as the friendliest locale nationwide, followed closely by Brighton and York, despite its reputation for rowdiness and occasional negative media coverage regarding its crime rate.

While Blackpool may have garnered unflattering descriptions on social media, recent ONS data indicates that its residents report high levels of life satisfaction, happiness, and purpose. This remarkable hospitality is further underscored by Blackpool boasting the highest number of five-star rated restaurants and hotels per capita.

Despite perceptions, many individuals have highlighted the town's positive attributes, such as its tranquil beaches and vibrant atmosphere, with some foreseeing its potential as an emerging creative hub.

Meanwhile, runner-up Brighton, though ranking high for life satisfaction, surprisingly falls fourth from the bottom in happiness score among the analyzed destinations. Nonetheless, its charm and appeal have secured it a prominent position in the rankings.

Rounding out the top three is the historic city of York, lauded for its rich history and welcoming ambiance, making it an ideal destination for a UK city break.

Interestingly, London failed to secure a top spot, landing in 24th place with a relatively low number of five-star rated establishments per capita. Photo by Phil Sangwell from United Kingdom, Wikimedia commons.

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