Surge in Channel crossings as migrants reach record numbers in the UK


Dozens of migrants have been rescued attempting to cross the English Channel as the number of asylum seekers reaching Britain illegally surpasses 3,200 this year. The migrants took

advantage of the improving spring weather conditions to make the perilous journey.

The government is proceeding with deportations to Rwanda, with more than 100 illegal immigrants identified for the initial wave of removals. Despite opposition from Labour, plans to overturn amendments to the Rwanda bill by the House of Lords are underway.

The total count of asylum seekers arriving in the UK by boat is rapidly approaching 3,330, with 62 migrants entering the UK in one boat on Sunday alone. Since January 1, nearly 3,208 asylum seekers have arrived aboard 68 dinghies, averaging around 48 people per boat.

Efforts by the Home Office to curb illegal crossings have reduced them by 36% last year, despite a significant increase in migrants arriving in Europe from Africa. However, tragic incidents have occurred, with nine fatalities, including a seven-year-old girl, in the attempt this year.

Last year saw a record 29,437 people making the crossing, followed by 45,755 in 2022. Border Force boats continue to patrol the Channel, with hopes of implementing flights to Rwanda to alleviate the strain on UK immigration. Photo by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, Wikimedia commons.

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