UK urges global action to safeguard biodiversity


The UK government, along with fellow G7 nations, is calling for urgent measures to protect marine ecosystems and combat biodiversity loss on a global scale.

This call to action precedes the unveiling of the National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan, where the UK government will outline its strategy to restore both land and sea environments, aligning with the ambitious targets established at COP15.

At the conclusion of the G7 Ministerial meeting on Climate, Energy, and Environment in Turin, Italy, new commitments were made to address key environmental challenges, including reducing plastic waste, tackling air pollution, improving resource efficiency, and halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

Environment Secretary Steve Barclay reaffirmed the UK's pledge to safeguard 30% of land and sea for nature by 2030, in accordance with the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). He emphasized the importance of swift ratification and implementation of the Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction Agreement, which aims to conserve marine biodiversity beyond national borders.

Barclay urged G7 members to demonstrate leadership by publishing their respective National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans ahead of COP16 in October. He stressed the need for collective action to achieve the goals outlined in the GBF and propel nature toward recovery.

Furthermore, the UK reiterated its commitment to nature finance, pledging to substantially increase investment by 2025. This includes additional funding to support the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures, as announced during COP28.

These initiatives set the stage for COP16, scheduled to take place in Colombia in October 2024, where biodiversity will be a focal point. The UK's leadership in environmental action was demonstrated at COP28, where legislation was introduced to prevent the sale of products linked to illegal deforestation.

The G7 Environment Ministers' communique provides further details on the agreements reached during the meeting.

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